Fairway Commons Homeowner's Association

     The Fairway Commons area consists of 231 non-contiguous single-family houses in the Bobcat Trail community. These houses include all homes on Royal Palm Drive, Phoenix Palm Terrace, and Solitary Palm Court; most homes on Coconut Palm Circle Drive; and a few homes on Bobcat Trail.

     The Fairway Commons Homeowner Association (FWC HOA) is governed by five Board of Directors who are elected by Fairway Common residents. The Board of Directors administers on-going activities within the Fairway Commons Community. These activities include oversight of lawn mowing, irrigation system repair, and tree trimming. In addition, as an active participant in the Bobcat Trail Water License Agreement and Well Cooperation Agreement, the Board of Directors monitors irrigation issues that affect residents of Fairway Commons. The residents of Fairway Commons are also members of the Bobcat Trail HOA and are subject to the Bobcat Trail HOA covenants and architectural and landscape guidelines.

    The purpose of Fairway Commons Homeowners Association is the maintenance of, preservation and management of the lawns, flower beds and trees on the property of residents within Fairway Commons. The management of the irrigation system present on each property of residents of Fairway Commons to insure proper irrigation to maintain the lawns, flower beds and trees. To collect assessments, in order to pay, the cost of those managements.